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Craniosacral Therapy


To learn more about Lymphedema Resources available and the latest scientific data and lymphedema news, click on or Pacific Medical Training 

Please visit our website for Essential Oils to find out how you can save money on your Oils, and the Product of the Month.

Click here for more information on Aquatic Bodywork or Watsu. Watsu sessions are provided at the indoor heated pool at Oral Hull Foundation for the Blind Retreat Center, located just a few minutes from beautiful Sandy, Oregon.  Please click here to get directions to the Retreat Center, and to find out more information about the Oral Hull Foundation. To understand the basics of a Watsu session, please check out this brief clip of a Watsu session . You might also be interested in reading this description of Watsu by Dr. Andrew Weil.  Contact us to schedule your appointment.

As all of us come in various shapes and sizes, and we would just love to have a suit that fits like a glove, I recommend that you visit For those who would like to protect their feet a little more, a wonderful site to find fun swimming footwear is Nufoot

Dorit Tidhar, MScPT has created Aqua Lymphatic Therapy (ALT), a way to combine both lymphatic therapy with aquatic therapy. 

We are so pleased to be a part of Multiple Sclerosis Society of Portland, Oregon.  MSSP provides many supportive programs to Multiple Sclerosis patients, including Helping Hands, where MS patients can receive low cost massage therapy with a therapist in their area.

Other Lymphedema Centers:

NW Lymphedema Center , St. Peter's Hospital Providence